Valken Videos

From amazing paintball action and tactical airsoft operations to reviews and run-downs of the latest products, Valken Videos are guaranteed to inform and entertain! See remarkable paintball and airsoft destinations like Fulda Gap, learn about new equipment like the Valken ASL airsoft gun or Valken Blackhawk paintball gun and much, much more on Valken's video channel!

Product Library

Valken M17 Paintball Gun | Watch in 4k!

Valken ASL+ Foxtrot45 | AEG Rifle

Valken Fate GFX 4+3 | Paintball Harness

Minute Clinic

Valken Minute Clinic - Airsoft Battery Overview

Valken Minute Clinic - Airsoft Battery 10 Commandments

Valken Minute Clinic - Airsoft Battery Safety 101

Tech Vault

Valken WTF Upgrade Kit Installation Video

Gotcha Breakdown Service and Assembly

My Airsoft Gun Isn't Shooting - troubleshooting guide - Valken Tech Vault

Gear Guide

Valken ASL Plus AEG Internals Explained

Valken Gear Guide Gun Bag Video

Valken Gear Guide Paintball Fate Exo Jogger Pants Video

Valken Events

Op Lion Claws Tactical Airsoft Challenge Mojave 2019

LVL UP Big Game 2019 Paintball Event

Operation Bad Blood Airsoft Event 2019 - EMR Event Park

Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast

Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast #126 - Short Break

Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast #125 - Quarantine Projects

Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast #124 - Centurion Combat Simulation