2021 Christmas Paintball Stocking Stuffers

Paintball stocking stuffers Valken

Paintball Stocking Stuffers

Affordable Paintball Christmas Gifts any Player will Love!

With the holiday season in full swing, that means Christmas shopping is in full swing too! We know paintball Christmas shopping can be intimidating for parents, family or friends who may not play the game we love, but don’t worry! When it’s time to shop for the paintball player on your Christmas list, it’s not all big-ticket paintball guns, goggles, paintball loaders and air tanks! Valken has compiled a list of affordable, fun Christmas paintball stocking stuffers any paintball player is certain to love that won’t break the bank this holiday season! Give the gift of paintball to the paintball player on your Christmas list this season without breaking the holiday shopping budget with Valken Christmas paintball stocking stuffers!

HK Army Paintball gun camera mount

HK Army Camera Mount

Paintball is an extreme sport, and paintball players love recording every moment of the action once the paintballs start flying so they can make their own highlight reels! If the paintball player on your Christmas list has a GoPro or other high-end action sports camera, the HK Camera Mount makes a great paintball stocking stuffer! Well-made and easy to install, the HK Camera mount allows a paintball player to attach an action sports camera like a GoPro to their paintball gun barrel, so they’ll never miss a great shot when they’re making a great shot!

Valken Flick Lid 140 round paintball pod

Valken Flick Lid Paintball Pods

All paintball players, unless they’re strictly tactical magfed paintball players, can always use extra pods! Paintball pods are the hollow plastic tubes with a flip lid that are used to carry extra paintballs onto the field, and many paintball players simply toss them to the side after reloading, hoping to go back and find them after the game. That doesn’t always happen, so pods are always something a serious paintball player is going to need! Valken Flick Lid paintball pods are available in a wide variety of colors, are delivered with a sturdy flick lid that makes one-handed reloading easy, and can even be used to hold extra stocking stuffers inside when they’re given as gifts this holiday season!

HK Army Mist Paintball Pod Swab

Paintball Pod Swab

There isn’t much more frustrating to a paintball player when they flick open the lid to a fresh pod of paintballs and dump it into their loader, only to find there’s broken paint in the pod. That leads to a mess in the loader, a mess in the paintball gun and destroys accuracy until everything is cleaned up! To make things worse, you can’t use that pod again either! Some pod swabs even come with carabiners to hang them in a team tent or carry them on a gear bag, while others even offer a spray bottle for cleaning pods guns or goggle lenses! Make cleaning messy pods a breeze with a pod swab this Christmas and any serious paintball player will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Affordable Paintball Christmas Gifts!
Valken Fate Paintball barrel swab

Paintball Barrel Swab

When a paintball breaks in a paintball gun barrel, all that mess destroys accuracy. Paintballs hook and corkscrew downrange, hitting anything and everything but the target they’re aimed at! While some players try to shoot through ball breaks, the quickest and easiest way to restore accuracy after a broken ball is to clean that barrel out with a Barrel Swab! A paintball barrel swab quickly and easily cleans broken paint and shell from a paintball gun barrel and folds for easy storage and carrying in a swab pocket sewn into most paintball pants. That said, a paintball barrel swab is easy to lose, too, making it something a player will always need! So pick a color and give the paintball player on your list the gift of a clean barrel and accuracy!

UltraSilk paintball grease

UltraSilk Paintball Grease

All paintball guns need cleaning and lubrication to work at their best, and the better the lubricant used, the better any paintball gun will function! For paintball guns that use grease, there’s not much better in the paintball world than UltraSilk paintball grease! We’ve tested it and we love this stuff! UltraSilk paintball grease applies easily to moving parts to lubricate and protect for improved performance. A tub of this stuff is a great addition to any paintball player’s gear bag and once they’ve applied it to their paintball gun, they’re certain to notice a performance difference.

Valken Bravo paintball gloves

Valken Bravo Paintball Gloves

Paintball gloves make a great stocking stuffer! Paintball gloves protect the player wearing them from more than incoming paintballs – they keep a player safe while sliding, diving and crawling on all kinds of surfaces from the woods to turf speedball fields, and in the cold weather they’ll keep hands and fingers warm too! Valken Bravo gloves are an affordable but high-quality choice for paintball gloves that are light, comfortable and available in black, olive or tan to match or accent any team uniform, whether the player on your Christmas list plays in the woods or inside the net on an arena field!

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