Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Valken Christmas gifts for kids

Paintball Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Airsoft and Paintball Gift Ideas for Kids!

If your kids are a bit too young for paintball or airsoft but still want to get in on the action this Christmas season, don’t worry! Santa still has plenty of options in the sleigh that will allow younger children to have safe and enjoyable time – just let Santa know he’ll have to stop by Valken Sports on the way to your house! Valken offers safe, environmentally friendly and clean options for younger kids like Valken Gotcha gear and the GelBlaster Surge that are incredibly fun for old and young alike, but that offer greatly reduced impact so younger children can join in the fun safely!

Gel Blaster Surge


Valken proudly offers the full line of GelBlaster products like the Gelblaster Surge, Gelblaster Gellets gel ammo and a complete line of accessories and safety equipment! Gelblaster is taking the country by storm thanks to its safe, fun and pain-free way to hit the back yard blasting, and Valken is your one-stop shop for the entire GelBlaster line! A simple and safe electronic blaster that fires small, environmentally-safe Gellets, or jelly balls that are hydrated in water then loaded up for blasting, the Gel Blaster Surge is affordable, easy to use and reliable! Simply plug the Gelblaster Surge into the wall with the included charging cable to charge up the included rechargeable battery, grow a few thousand gellets in a bucket of water for a few hours, drain the excess water, load up the included hopper, put on the included safety glasses or grab a set of paintball goggles and go have fun! The Surge blaster shoots in fully automatic mode at an extremely safe and sting-free 150 feet per second, and a single hopper holds hundreds of Gel Blaster gellets!

For the youngest players, everything is all about safety, so Valken recommends full eye and face protection like the red or blue Valken Gotcha MI-3 paintball goggle, with its adjustable head strap, included chin strap and over-the-head strap to help ensure the goggle stays in place at all times! Parents can even armor up their kids with the Valken Gotcha chest protector that is light, comfortable and reversible from red to blue to match the Gotcha Goggles for the ultimate in safe GelBlaster blasting!

Gelblaster Christmas gifts

Additional accessories for the GelBlaster Surge are available from Valken to create an amazing and unique GelBlaster package perfect for a Christmas gift! Valken offers a feed neck adapter and a flip-lid hopper for the GelBlaster Surge that replace the standard “Grenade” style screw-on hopper on top of the Surge, allowing the user to simply flip open the lid and reload with fresh Gel Ammo to keep the blasting going! For players who might want to take the action indoors, or play at night, Valken offers the ultimate upgrades, including a Valken GelBlaster tracer adapter that installs onto the front of the Surge in moments. Once the adapter is installed, a Valken airsoft tracer unit can be threaded onto the muzzle. When used with Valken GLOW HD Gel Ammo, the Surge will literally fire glowing tracer laser beams at night like nothing else in the world!

If you’re giving the gift of GelBlaster this Christmas season, look no further than Valken for everything you need to put under the tree! From the GelBlaster Surge to safety equipment and all the Gel ammo you need to keep blasting through the Christmas holiday and into the new year, Valken has whatever it takes to make your Christmas merry and filled with flying jelly balls!

GelBlaster Christmas Gifts!




Valken Gotcha Paintball Gear

Valken GOTCHA Gear

If GelBlaster blasting and all those flying Gellets don’t sound like quite the thing for your child this Christmas, maybe something closer to paintball is what you need! Valken has that as well, with the Valken GOTCHA line of low-impact paintball products! The Valken Gotcha Gun is a pump operated single-shot .50 caliber paintball gun, able to fire soft rubber balls or .50 caliber paintballs! The Valken Gotcha gun is hopper-fed and is available in red or blue. Matched with plenty of .50 Caliber paintballs or rubber balls, plus the Valken GOTCHA MI-3 paintball goggle in red or blue, plus a Valken GOTCHA reversible chest protector and even a set of Gotcha pods make the perfect gift for a new paintball player! No air is necessary for the gun to operate, simply load up the hopper, pump once, fire, and pump again for safe, low-impact fun!

Valken Gotcha Kids Paintball Gear


Whether it’s a GelBlaster Surge with all the accessories and plenty of gel ammo or a full Valken GOTCHA gun setup, Valken has everything you need to get your child ready for safe, clean, low-impact fun this Christmas! Just because they’re a little too young for airsoft or paintball doesn’t mean they can’t gear up and have some fun this Christmas and beyond!

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